Take on Zakum in Rock-Paper-Scissors

This event is available from 29/10/2014 to 11/11/2014.


1. Accept the quest image thru star icon.

2. Collect (etc) Rock-Paper-Scissors Ticket image by killing monsters within your level range.

maplestory 2014-10-29 22-36-26-349


3. Once you have obtained a ticketimage, speak to Pipsqueak Zakum.

4. Select either rock, paper or scissors before the time runs out or it will randomly choose one for you.

maplestory 2014-10-29 22-38-21-594

5. If you win, you can continue playing for a combo-win or directly get the reward for 1 win. The higher your combo-win, the better your rewards. (but it’s quite risky! I always stop at 3rd win)


The Boss Hunting Week

This event is available from 15/10/2014 to 11/11/2014.

boss hunting week list

Summary: Basically you have to accept quest(s) from Maple Admin daily and kill bosses to complete the quest.

(NOTE: Some boss contents require you to do pre-quests.)


Main Rewards:

expedition master medal skull ring of the knight lord skull badge master cube skilled craftsman cube

You will also get minor rewards from Maple Admin each time you complete a quest, eg. Power Elixir, Potential Scroll, Equipment Enhancement Scroll, Golden Hammer 100% etc..


Stage 1:

Balrog x1

(available from NPC Manji in Perion)


Talk to Manji, and select the last option. (requires 10,000 mesos)

balrog exp

Always start from the hands, then the head.

Talk to Maple Admin to complete the quest.

maple admin


Stage 2:

Weakened Zakum x1

Zakum x1

(available in El Nath)


Stage 3:

Hilla x1

Horntail x1

Van leon (easy) x1

(available in Azwan, Leafre, and El Nath- King’s Castle)


Stage 4:

All 4 Root Abyss bosses x1 (Bloody Queen, Pierre, BanBan, Bellum)

Easy Magnus x1

(available in Root Abyss, and Helliseum HQ)


Stage 5:

Chaos Horntail x1

Chaos Zakum x1

Pink Bean x1

Von leon x1

Akairum (easy) x1

(available in Leafre, El Nath, Temple of Time- Broken Corridor, El Nath- King’s Castle, Temple of Time- Dimensional Schism)


Stage 6:

Chaos Pink Bean x1

Arkarium x1

Mori Ranmaru x1

Magnus (hard) x1

(available in Temple of Time- Broken Corridor, Temple of Time- Dimensional Schism, El Nath- Dead Mine, Helliseum HQ)


Stage 7:

Cygnus x1

Magnus (hard) x1

Mori Ranmaru (hard) x1

Hilla x1

(available in Stronghold, Helliseum HQ, El Nath-Dead Mine, Azwan)


Stage 8:

All 4 Chaos Root Abyss bosses x1

(available in Root Abyss)


Good luck :X

maplestory 2014-10-16 00-25-38-546


Everyone Needs One Good Moustache

This event is valid from 15/10/2014 to 11/11/2014.

1. Click on the star icon on the left of your screen, and select moustache event

2. Kill 200 monsters within your level range to get a stamp daily.


*You will be able  to choose your moustache on Day 1, Day 8 and Day 15.

This is my Day 1 Moustache :X (scrolled once)

carlton volume curl moustache

To further improve your moustache, you can collect Moustache Combimage and Moustache Scissorsimagefrom monsters.

3. Bring them to Carlton’s moustache shop to exchange for more moustache rewards. image

carlton moustache laboratory

You can access to Hidden Street: Carlton’s Moustache Laboratory through NPC Katherine in Henesys.


Well, have fun and get your best looking moustache on 😉

Halloween Gamsper Event

This event is valid from 15/10/2014 to 4/11/2014.

1. Select Star icon on the left of your screen, then click on this gamsper ghost icon. gamsper event

2. Open your Set-up and double click on the Kid Ghost’s Mark image

(You will see a ghost paint gauge imageon your screen to help you keep track of your ghost paint collection.)

*You can use the paint collected to dress up your ghost.

little ghost

3. Complete daily quests to get a stamp on gamsper’s attendance board for rewards.

maplestory 2014-10-15 20-25-08-284

4 different daily quests which you may get randomly:

1.  Collect 9999 Ghost paint on ghost paint gauge


a) You can get paint drops automatically by just being online.

b) Play Rock,Paper,Scissors with other players.

c) Get Mysterious Ghost Paint Tubeimage from Halloween Pumpkin and use it. (you can only have one in your Use)


2. Play Rock,Paper,Scissors

Play Rock,Paper,Scissors with other players 3 times. (Right click on the person’s character and select Rock,Paper,Scissors)


3. Collect 30 paint tubes

Kill monsters within your level range and collect 30 paint tubes. (the drop rate is really low)

quest noti


4. Pop Mystical watercolor paint clouds

(i) Find Halloween Pumpkin in Henesys, El nath, Leafre, MuLung, and Edelstein (town).

fat ass pumpkin


Halloween Pumpkin chatbox

(ii) Kill it and it will drop LOTS of Mysterious Ghost Paint Tube.

Ghost paint tube

(iii) Get one paint tube and double click it to use. You will be able to fill up your ghost paint gauge while standing in the watercolor paint cloud. Other players standing in your rainbow cloud also gets to fill their ghost paint gauge.






[Theme Dungeon] Dimension Library

Upon reaching level 100, a quest will appear in your Lightbulb notifier on the left column. Select the quest“[Dimension Library] Visit the Dimension Library” to proceed.

Access to  ‘Grand Athenaeum’ via the Dimensional Mirror.

maplestory 2014-09-24 11-32-39-559

Complete all 3 chapters. (Note: You can always exit the portal and resume at anytime.)

maplestory 2014-09-24 18-19-37-059


(First Chapter)

white mage chaser(Second Chapter)

empress maker

(Third Chapter)

You will get The Bookworm Medal, a pendant, and an extra pendant slot for 20 days. You can expand the expiry date by 7 days once you complete the additional quest from the NPC in Dimension Library.

maplestory 2014-09-24 21-45-25-346

maplestory 2014-09-25 12-09-35-964

Absolute Ring Event

This event quest is valid from 24/9/2014 to 14/10/2014.

(Note: You can only do this on one character per server.)

Start the quest by clicking on the Star icon, then elect the ring icon.

maplestory 2014-09-24 11-30-13-691

Accept the quest and click on the ring icon again. Make sure you click the challenge button.

maplestory 2014-09-24 11-30-43-754

To complete the quest, you are required to eliminate 300 monsters near your level range.

The first reward: First Ring

first ring

You can redeem the ring on other character. The ring has an expiration date.

Reward on Day 7: Absolute Pauldrons

maplestory 2014-09-24 11-30-51-643Reward on Day 14: Absolute Ring

maplestory 2014-09-24 11-30-53-066

When you get bling stamps for all 14 days, you will be able to get 2 additional rewards from the quest [Event] Complete Absolute Power

maplestory 2014-09-24 14-32-34-442

Rewards from the quest:

maplestory 2014-09-24 14-32-40-874maplestory 2014-09-24 14-32-39-244

Rose Garden- Lion King’s Castle

Rose Garden is a new content of the recent FLY patch.

Introduction of the Rose Garden (Lion King’s Castle Expansion)

To begin the series of quests related to the Rose Garden, you must first complete Lion King’s Castle pre-quests by NPC Jenn’s Brother, NPC Luden, etc..Then, complete the quest “Is There Any Hope?” from NPC Ifia at the Roof of the Fifth Tower at the Lion King’s Castle. Finish the story and accept another quest from NPC Ifia- “Key to the Rose Garden”.

Key to the Rose gardenObtain the Rose key from Grey Vulture.

Grey vulture mapKey to the rose gardenGrey Vulture

Followed by a quest which you are required to eliminate monsters in the map and protect Queen Ifia to the << portal.

Protect Ifia
When you have access to the Rose Garden, NPC Cecilia, the Gardener will have tasks for you to clear the storyline quest as well as daily quests.

Storyline quest 1:

Accept the quest from NPC Cecilia, talk to NPC Luden and defeat Prison Guard Ani.

Prison guard AniPortal to Prison Guard Ani

Storyline quest 2:

Accept the quest from NPC Cecilia, and get 5 roses. Hunt Rose Seed from the monster in Map 1. maplestory 2014-09-03 23-50-09-545

Click on the Iced Pot and receive 5 roses.

maplestory 2014-09-03 23-49-04-403maplestory 2014-09-03 23-49-12-704


Storyline quest 3:

Accept the quest from NPC Cecilia, defeat the Prison Boar in Map 2 to get 5 keys to free the souls.

Free the souls


Storyline quest 4:

Accept the quest from NPC Cecilia, enter Map 3(last map) and kill a certain number of monsters. The King Castle Golem will spawn eventually. Defeat it and complete the quest. (took me about 15mins, I guess it depends on luck)

King Castle Golem


maplestory 2014-09-04 00-43-43-278I chose this. WIll need 100 Purification Totems (can be obtained through Lion King’s Castle monsters) to purify it into a Royal Lion King Medal.maplestory 2014-09-04 00-44-47-947

Daily Quest:

maplestory 2014-09-04 00-46-19-138 maplestory 2014-09-04 00-47-19-946

The daily quest consists of 3 stages.

First stage: Collect 500 points

Second stage: Collect 1000 points

Third stage: Collect 2000 points



Golden BeesYou will get this bonus when you have eliminated a certain number of monsters in the map.



Clear the daily quest for 15 times(all 3 stages for 5 days) and you will be awarded with this medal.


Summer Attendance Season 4

This event is valid from 3/9/2014 to 18/9/2014.






maplestory 2014-09-03 19-43-22-967


Collect 30 Crown Critic from monster around your level range each day to complete the attendance.
maplestory 2014-09-03 19-43-34-004


Power Elixir

RED Coin (to purchase items from RED Coin Shop)

Level 20 Weapon Bypass Key

High Quality Equipment Enhancement Scroll


MY Independence Day Event

This event is available from 20/8/2014 to 2/9/2014.

Again, this event works the same way as SG National Day Event.

maplestory 2014-08-20 17-44-17-556

(Commemoration of Independence Day!)


1. Talk to NPC Kok Hua to enter the Malaysia Map.

2. KIll MY Boss Slime. MY Boss slime
3. You need to get 50 Malaysia Celebration Box and open them.maplestory 2014-08-20 18-47-55-966

4. After opening all 50 boxes, you will get 2x (1.5x EXP coupon)maplestory 2014-08-20 18-51-53-474


If you find the boss slimes are really hard to kill, please read this 🙂

MY national day map


Go to this location and press the UP arrow key.

You will be teleport to another map that looks exactly the same but the mob level is reduced to level 15.

To speed up the hunting process, you can activate any drop rate buff. It works. 😉

1.2x drop rateThis 30 minutes 1.2x drop rate buff works for me. You can get 50 boxes in about 30-45 minutes.

(Protect Malaysia!)

1. KIll mobs around your level range to get 100 “Malaysia Guardian Piece” image

2. Exchange the pieces with NPC Shalon in Event map.

3. You will get a “Malaysia Guardian Box” imagewhich will give you a piece of the Guardian Glove. You need to collect all 4 pieces to get a complete glove.

(Enjoy Independence Day!)

1. Kill the Maple Firecracker mobimage to receive “Malaysia National Day Fireworks” image

2.  You need 20 of them.

Radish Attendance Event Season 2

This event is valid from 20/8/2014 to 2/9/2014.

IF you missed the season 1 attendance event, now is the chance for you to participate.

Season 2 is exactly the same as Season 1, you just need to hunt 10 turnips everyday and complete the quest.  Complete the quest for 14 days in a row, and you will get the final reward, a chair.

Attendance part 2


>> Radish Attendance Event Season 1