Hieizan Temple and Princess No

To enter Hieizan Temple, you must be at least Level 140.

Receive the quest  “[Sengoku Era] The Hieizan Temple Experience” from Star Icon Notifier.

Task: Complete the Hieizan Temple roleplaying dungeon storyline as Hayato, Kanna and Ayame (all 3)

Reward: Hieizan Storyteller Medal and 3 equipment from the different jobs you roleplay.

maplestory 2014-12-20 20-45-39-508 maplestory 2014-12-20 20-45-33-085

maplestory 2014-12-20 20-45-46-226maplestory 2014-12-20 20-45-51-149 maplestory 2014-12-20 20-45-55-988


Receive the quest, go to Momijigaoka through Zipangu via Dimensional Mirror.

Enter the temple on the left in Momijigaoka.

temple entrance

Then begin your quest by talking to NPC Takeda ShingenNPC Takeda Shingen


Quest 1: Hunt 30 [100 Magic Spells for Oda Warrior]

quest 1

Quest 2: maplestory 2014-12-18 21-30-48-402 

30 Waste product of corrupted spirits from maplestory 2014-12-18 21-35-04-818 

Then find a plant that looks like thisstage 2 in the map.

Drop the waste product 1 by 1 on the plant, until it grows to stage 3. maplestory 2014-12-18 21-47-52-280

Click on the plant and you’ll get the quest item you need. maplestory 2014-12-18 21-51-09-053

Quest 3: maplestory 2014-12-18 21-53-09-600

maplestory 2014-12-18 21-53-50-035


Go through the tutorial (it’s REALLY long)

Enter the temple again and talk to NPC Ayame to receive maplestory 2014-12-18 22-01-09-220 

Choose who you want to be (Hayato, Kanna, Ayame) and roleplay the job in the tutorial which you’ll be doing LOTS of quests.

maplestory 2014-12-18 22-03-41-773

After completing the quest, talk to NPC Ayame again.

maplestory 2014-12-18 22-45-00-203

Receive the potion 3 times and roleplay all 3 jobs.

maplestory 2014-12-19 00-02-23-628 Once you’ve completed all the quests given by NPC Ayame, NPC Princess Sakuno will give you a new chain quest.

Will of the Five Planets (5 parts)

PART 2: Get Moon Sand from Giant Moon Bunny moon bunny

maplestory 2014-12-19 00-02-53-978 

PART 3: maplestory 2014-12-19 00-08-27-259

Go to Mushroom Shrine and talk to NPC 100-Generation Blacksmith100-generation blacksmith

maplestory 2014-12-19 23-28-47-560

PART 4: maplestory 2014-12-19 23-34-42-780

Enter Hidden Shrine through a tent in Momijigaoka  

maplestory 2014-12-19 23-36-51-969 

There you will find Hayato. Talk to him and you’ll get the quest item. hayato

PART 5: Go to Cave of Pianus and summon the Gold Fish using the Fish Bait given. (drop fish bait at the pot)

cave of pianus

Go back and complete the quest, you’ll get a new skill (vary upon jobs)

Mars skill

Now you’re able to talk to NPC Ayame to defeat Princess No’s alter ego and the real Princess No.

maplestory 2014-12-20 00-01-10-134

Defeat Princess No’s alter ego: to get a key to the real Princess No.

Guess that’s everything. 😡 sorry if I missed out some parts or info

coz the quests are really confusing.

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