Christmas in Maple 2014

Ho-Ho-Ho! It’s that time of the year again 😀  It’s Christmas!


Happyville is back! You can access through Dimensional Mirror.

image PART 2 (10/12/2014 ~ 31/12/2014, 0900Hrs (GMT +8))

You will get FREE Christmas costume daily when you login to the game.


How to?  Click on Star Icon Notifier and accept the quest “Everywhere it’s Christmas!“.

PART 3 (10/12/2014 ~ 31/12/2014, 0900Hrs (GMT +8))

Collect Santa’s Shinning Boximagedropped by monsters.

How to? By hunting monsters whose level are 11 levels lower or 21 levels higher than your character.

What’s in Santa’s Shinning Box?


PART 4 (10/12/2014 ~ 31/12/2014, 0900Hrs (GMT +8))

Invasion of Delinquent Rudolphs!


How to? Kill on sight! (spawn everywhere)

You can get Rudolph’s Shinning Box after killing them.


PART 5 (10/12/2014 ~ 31/12/2014, 0900Hrs (GMT +8))

Decorate the Good Ol’ Christmas Tree!


1. Go to Happyville and find the Christmas Tree.
2. Click and submit the Mistletoe image to the Christmas Tree.
3. Each 100 of Mistletoe submitted will level up the Christmas Tree. Total 400 Mistletoe needed per day.
4. Once you completed ‘Decorate the Christmas Tree’, you will receive a reward from Cassandra.
5. Each Character can only decorate the Christmas Tree once per day.

How to? 

By hunting monsters whose level are 11 levels lower or 21 levels higher than your character.

Rewards: (one of the following items)

• Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll
• Special Potential Scroll
• Incredible Chaos Scroll 60%
• Golden Hammer 50%
• Scroll for Armor ATT 15%
• Scroll for Armor Magic ATT 15%

PART 6 (10/12/2014 ~ 31/12/2014, 0900Hrs (GMT +8))

Magical Christmas Stockings image


1. Double-click on the Magical Stockings to place them in the Item Pot.
2. Feed the stockings with items or equipment around your character level to make them fall asleep.
3. After 30 minutes, they’ll be turned into Christmas Stocking Stuffed with Gifts!

Can be obtained through: Santa’s Shinning Box, Rudolph’s Shinning Box, monsters around level range



• Nut Coin
• Rudolph’s Red Nose
• Rudolph’s Red Nose Bandage 60%
• Strong Nose Bandage 30%
• Mysterious Nose Bandage 30%
• Lv. 1 Merry Christmas
• Power Elixir
• Ginger Man Cookie
• Ginger Lady Cookie
• Chaos Scroll 60%


Free daily Christmas outfit

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