What to do with E-U-N-W-O-L Alphabets

These E-U-N-W-O-L alphabets are taking up my ETC space! UGH, I’ve been wondering what those are for too.

This is what I heard: If you get 50 of the alphabets, you’ll be able to change them into 50 spell traces. When, Where, How? I got some info from the official website.

For Cassiopeia server, it will happen on 6.12.2014 (Saturday) at 3.45PM-4.45PM


1. Before the start of the event, the GameMaster (GM) will announce the location of the map to gather at.
Locate the GM in order to be able to register for the event participation.
2. Once you arrive at the gathering map and are ready to register, simply type “[Your IGN] Ready for Eunwol!”
on the “To All” chat and wait for GM’s reply.
As there may be a lot of players participating in the event, kindly take note that in such situations selection of
players will be done on a random basis.

3. Please ensure you have prepared all the required alphabets with the correct quantity to be traded in.
4. If the GM replies with “[IGN] READY!”, this means you have successfully registered. Wait for any further
instructions/actions from the GM.
5. When you are called out by the GM, standby to be sent into the event map – Maple Park to meet the event
character to trade your alphabets.
6. Once the trading is done, your character will be sent to Pantheon – Great Temple Interior.

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