Spring Bunny Events

These events are valid from 12.11.2014 to 16.12.2014.

spring bunny events

Complete all the tasks and receive a medal!


1. Spring Bunny Homecoming Event

Event Invite Timing: Every 14th and 39th minute, from 6am to 12am, daily

Task: Eliminate the Spaceship and the Giant Bunny.

Command: Left Shift Key – Attack, Up and Down key – Move

Attempts available: 10

2. Grain Storage Raid

Event Invite Timing: Every 8th and 27th minute, from 6am to 12am, daily

Task: Prevent the rats from stealing the grain.

Command: Ctrl Key – Attack, Shift Key – upgrade your arrows (3 upgrades)

Attempts available: 10

maplestory 2014-11-13 12-31-00-101

Don’t forget to claim your rewards before exiting the map!

3. Mission Rice Cake

Quest Initiation: [Thanksgiving Event] Mission Rice Cake

** You can keep repeating this quest.

Collect these ingredients from monsters to complete the quest.

moon bunny etc

You can exchange things from the Spring Bunny coin shop using Spring Bunny Coins.

moon bunny npc coin shop

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