U & I Update Summary

To be very honest, I don’t know much about the U & I Patch and I really don’t have time to do all those research.

These summary photos are taken from MisterBlurry Facebook Page.

The photos pretty much sum up all the changes in the patch.

**HOWEVER, these info might not be 100% accurate.

10801643_302393763297456_4375579833948961561_n 10624778_302382999965199_4439408816569683197_n 1454955_302373549966144_8023232558359864564_n 10698616_302345666635599_2946762416869439010_n 10431524_302337959969703_6541357936389588459_n 10599460_302081279995371_6144450858730826565_n 10421416_301952756674890_828306454489425927_n 10371925_301823590021140_8873063977076687762_n


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