The Nut Event

This event is available from 29/10/2014 to 24/1/2015.


1. Click star icon to begin the quest.

2. Hunt Nut Coins from monsters near your level. (available from 29th October to 11th November 2014.)maplestory 2014-10-29 22-36-24-287 Obtain Nut Case image from monsters starting 12th November 2014 to 24th January 2015. These boxes give random rewards. ( You can only get a maximum of 30 coins per day from these boxes.)


What can I do with these coins?

A: Exchange stuff from Roasty the Nut Coin Shop (can be found in town)

maplestory 2014-10-29 23-24-12-801 maplestory 2014-10-29 23-23-23-994 maplestory 2014-10-29 23-23-16-225

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