Halloween Gamsper Event

This event is valid from 15/10/2014 to 4/11/2014.

1. Select Star icon on the left of your screen, then click on this gamsper ghost icon. gamsper event

2. Open your Set-up and double click on the Kid Ghost’s Mark image

(You will see a ghost paint gauge imageon your screen to help you keep track of your ghost paint collection.)

*You can use the paint collected to dress up your ghost.

little ghost

3. Complete daily quests to get a stamp on gamsper’s attendance board for rewards.

maplestory 2014-10-15 20-25-08-284

4 different daily quests which you may get randomly:

1.  Collect 9999 Ghost paint on ghost paint gauge


a) You can get paint drops automatically by just being online.

b) Play Rock,Paper,Scissors with other players.

c) Get Mysterious Ghost Paint Tubeimage from Halloween Pumpkin and use it. (you can only have one in your Use)


2. Play Rock,Paper,Scissors

Play Rock,Paper,Scissors with other players 3 times. (Right click on the person’s character and select Rock,Paper,Scissors)


3. Collect 30 paint tubes

Kill monsters within your level range and collect 30 paint tubes. (the drop rate is really low)

quest noti


4. Pop Mystical watercolor paint clouds

(i) Find Halloween Pumpkin in Henesys, El nath, Leafre, MuLung, and Edelstein (town).

fat ass pumpkin


Halloween Pumpkin chatbox

(ii) Kill it and it will drop LOTS of Mysterious Ghost Paint Tube.

Ghost paint tube

(iii) Get one paint tube and double click it to use. You will be able to fill up your ghost paint gauge while standing in the watercolor paint cloud. Other players standing in your rainbow cloud also gets to fill their ghost paint gauge.






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