Everyone Needs One Good Moustache

This event is valid from 15/10/2014 to 11/11/2014.

1. Click on the star icon on the left of your screen, and select moustache event

2. Kill 200 monsters within your level range to get a stamp daily.


*You will be able  to choose your moustache on Day 1, Day 8 and Day 15.

This is my Day 1 Moustache :X (scrolled once)

carlton volume curl moustache

To further improve your moustache, you can collect Moustache Combimage and Moustache Scissorsimagefrom monsters.

3. Bring them to Carlton’s moustache shop to exchange for more moustache rewards. image

carlton moustache laboratory

You can access to Hidden Street: Carlton’s Moustache Laboratory through NPC Katherine in Henesys.


Well, have fun and get your best looking moustache on 😉

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