[Theme Dungeon] Dimension Library

Upon reaching level 100, a quest will appear in your Lightbulb notifier on the left column. Select the quest“[Dimension Library] Visit the Dimension Library” to proceed.

Access to  ‘Grand Athenaeum’ via the Dimensional Mirror.

maplestory 2014-09-24 11-32-39-559

Complete all 3 chapters. (Note: You can always exit the portal and resume at anytime.)

maplestory 2014-09-24 18-19-37-059


(First Chapter)

white mage chaser(Second Chapter)

empress maker

(Third Chapter)

You will get The Bookworm Medal, a pendant, and an extra pendant slot for 20 days. You can expand the expiry date by 7 days once you complete the additional quest from the NPC in Dimension Library.

maplestory 2014-09-24 21-45-25-346

maplestory 2014-09-25 12-09-35-964

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