Rose Garden- Lion King’s Castle

Rose Garden is a new content of the recent FLY patch.

Introduction of the Rose Garden (Lion King’s Castle Expansion)

To begin the series of quests related to the Rose Garden, you must first complete Lion King’s Castle pre-quests by NPC Jenn’s Brother, NPC Luden, etc..Then, complete the quest “Is There Any Hope?” from NPC Ifia at the Roof of the Fifth Tower at the Lion King’s Castle. Finish the story and accept another quest from NPC Ifia- “Key to the Rose Garden”.

Key to the Rose gardenObtain the Rose key from Grey Vulture.

Grey vulture mapKey to the rose gardenGrey Vulture

Followed by a quest which you are required to eliminate monsters in the map and protect Queen Ifia to the << portal.

Protect Ifia
When you have access to the Rose Garden, NPC Cecilia, the Gardener will have tasks for you to clear the storyline quest as well as daily quests.

Storyline quest 1:

Accept the quest from NPC Cecilia, talk to NPC Luden and defeat Prison Guard Ani.

Prison guard AniPortal to Prison Guard Ani

Storyline quest 2:

Accept the quest from NPC Cecilia, and get 5 roses. Hunt Rose Seed from the monster in Map 1. maplestory 2014-09-03 23-50-09-545

Click on the Iced Pot and receive 5 roses.

maplestory 2014-09-03 23-49-04-403maplestory 2014-09-03 23-49-12-704


Storyline quest 3:

Accept the quest from NPC Cecilia, defeat the Prison Boar in Map 2 to get 5 keys to free the souls.

Free the souls


Storyline quest 4:

Accept the quest from NPC Cecilia, enter Map 3(last map) and kill a certain number of monsters. The King Castle Golem will spawn eventually. Defeat it and complete the quest. (took me about 15mins, I guess it depends on luck)

King Castle Golem


maplestory 2014-09-04 00-43-43-278I chose this. WIll need 100 Purification Totems (can be obtained through Lion King’s Castle monsters) to purify it into a Royal Lion King Medal.maplestory 2014-09-04 00-44-47-947

Daily Quest:

maplestory 2014-09-04 00-46-19-138 maplestory 2014-09-04 00-47-19-946

The daily quest consists of 3 stages.

First stage: Collect 500 points

Second stage: Collect 1000 points

Third stage: Collect 2000 points



Golden BeesYou will get this bonus when you have eliminated a certain number of monsters in the map.



Clear the daily quest for 15 times(all 3 stages for 5 days) and you will be awarded with this medal.


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