Angelic Buster Skill Build

A short summary of Angelic Buster skill build.


First Job: 

Add 1SP to Star Bubble

Max Feather Hop

Max Affinity Heart

Max Star Bubble

Max Melody Cross

(Everything maxed)


Second Job:

Add 1SP to Pink Pummel, 1SP to Lovely Sting

Max Shooter Mastery

Max Beautiful Soul

Max Affinity Heart II

Max Power Transfer

Max Pink Pummel

Put the remaining SP to Lovely Sting.

(Everything maxed except for Lovely Sting at 19/20)


Third Job:

Add 1SP to Heavenly Crash

Max Dragon Whistle

Max Heavenly Crash

Max Affinity Heart III

Max Iron Blossom

Max Love Me Heart

Max Soul Seeker

Put the remaining SP to Shining Star Burst

(Everything maxed except Shining Start Burst at 14/20)


Fourth Job:

Add 1SP to Celestial Roar, Affinity Heart IV, Trinity, Finale Ribbon

Max Affinity Heart IV

Max Soul Shooter Expert

Max Celestial Roar

Max Star Gazer

Max Trinity

Max Finale Ribbon

Max Soul Resonance

Max Nova Warrior

Max Nova Temperance



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