SG National Day Event

This event is available from 6/8/2014-19/8/2014.


Click on the trophy icon on the left of your screen.trophy


There are 4 tasks to complete.

(Commemoration of Independence Day!)

1. Go to Event Map through Dimension Portal.

2. Talk to Tia Tia and move to National Day Map.

3. Kill SG Boss Slime to get Singapore Celebration Box. Singapore celebration box You will need 50 of them.

SG Boss Slime

4. Remember to open up ALL 50 of the boxes in order to complete the quest.

Here are the items you can get from the box.

singapore balloon singapore hat

Singapore weapon

(Protect Singapore!)

1. Kill monsters that are around your level range to get 100 Singapore Guardian Piece (etc).image

2. Bring the 100 Singapore Guardian Piece to NPC Shalon NPC Shalon in Event Map.

3. You will then receive a Singapore Guardian Boximage

(Enjoy Independence Day!)

1. Kill Maple Firecracker maple firecrackerto receive Singapore National Day Fireworks (cash). image

2. You need to use the Singapore National Day Fireworks for 20 times to complete the quest.


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