Half Root Abyss


This content is available from 30/7/2014 to 20/9/2014.

Basically, Half Root Abyss is  a training ground. I personally don’t recommend training there because it is very $-consuming. You will need to burn a lot of potions training there.


1. You must be Level 100 and above.

2.  You must complete all Root Abyss pre-quests.


If you fulfill the above 2 requirements, click the light bulb on the left on your screen and search for a quest “[Half Root Abyss] Summons from Alicia”. By accepting the quest, you will automatically be moved to Root Abyss.

You will need to go through a series of quests before gaining access to the training ground.

Quest Progression :
[Half Root Abyss] Summons from Alicia
[Half Root Abyss] Abyss Road
[Half Root Abyss] The Little Chick Dreams of Flying
[Half Root Abyss] Chick that Sends Shivers Down your Spine
[Half Root Abyss] Ladies need to put on makeup
[Half Root Abyss] Defeated Auntie
[Half Root Abyss] Very Familiar Enemy
[Half Root Abyss] Strategic Retreat
[Half Root Abyss] Ultimate Weapon
[Half Root Abyss] Half
[Half Root Abyss] Final Objective?
[Half Root Abyss] Incomprehensible Reason
[Half Root Abyss] Everything is Resolved


After accepting the quest from Alicia, move to a new portal at the top center of the Root Abyss map.


All you need to do is enter the portal, talk to all the NPCs, accept the quests, defeat them, finish the storyline, go back to Alicia, then you’re done.

Once you’ve completed all the quests, re-enter the Half Root Abyss portal for the new training ground.

The training grounds are split to Levels 100-120, Level 121-140, Level 141-160, and Level 161 and above.

The level of the mobs and EXP gain will depend according to your character’s level. Each map contains one kind of mob and a few mini bosses. (TIP: The mini boss deals 50% damage of your HP, so watch out.)

The re-spawning rate is high, EXP is so so, but it consumes a lot of potion. So, I really don’t recommend training there but this is just my opinion. Feel free to try out the new map.

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