Herb Patch Guide


2 types of MAIN profession: Herbing / Mining.

2 types of SUB profession: Alchemy/ Accessory Crafting.

Max level of each profession is Level 10.


Well, I LOVE mining and I did a mining guide awhile ago.  Click on the URL below to view the mining guide.

(Mining Guide: https://chambyt.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/mining-guide/ )

Keep scrolling down for herbing guide.


You can purchase Secret Herb Patch Ticket from NPC in Ardentmil (profession town)

Novice Secret Herb Patch (level 1-2) : 

(i) Magenta herb > Lavender seed, Lavender flower

(ii) Silver herb > Marjoram seed, Marjoram flower

Intermediate Secret Herb Patch (level 3-4):

(i) Blue herb > Rosemary seed, Rosemary flower

(ii) Brown herb > Mandarin seed, Mandarin flower

Advanced Secret Herb Patch (level 5-6):

(i) Emerald herb > Lemon balm seed, Lemon balm flower, Peppermint flower (rare)

(ii) Gold herb > Jasmine seed, Jasmine flower

Expert Secret Herb Patch (level 7-8):

(i) Red herb > Chamomile seed, Chamomile flower

(ii) Aquamarine herb > Tea tree seed, Tea tree flower


Other than those herbs, there are other herbs that can be found outside of Secret Herb Patch, in training fields.

Purple herb

(i) Purple herb > Hyssop flower (rare), Juniper Berry flower, Juniper Berry seed.

Black herb

(ii) Black herb > Patchouli seed, Patchouli flower.


That’s all for now.

I’ll add in more if I discover new kinds of herbs!

Have fun mining/herbing! 😉

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