Goodie time!

So, the most recent goodie event is Jewel Party, also known as Jewel Pang Pang.

Everyday, maple admin will give away a Stepping Stone Pang-Pang Coin. Well, you might be wondering, “what good will this coin do?!” You are able to purchase different event items, including tempest equipment and profession slot bags using the coins in Event Map from NPC LUX.


Another method of acquiring this coin is by accepting Cassandra’s quest “Keep your luck”, hold on to the Clover Leaf (set-up slot) for 30minutes and Cassandra will reward you with a stepping stone pang pang coin.

*If you happen to be disconnected or you logout during the 30minutes, you will have to start over again.

*You can only receive the quest “Keep your luck” from Cassandra a maximum time of 5 per day.


On every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, there will be a quest “Project  Jewel Pang Pang Admission Ticket Restoration” from Cassandra. Collect 50 pieces of Admission Ticket Piece from monsters all around the world to exchange into a Jewel Pang Pang Ticket. 



*Note: Monster level below or above your level by 20 might not drop the tickets.


Well, now that you have Jewel Pang Pang Ticket in your USE slot, you can double click the ticket and the moon bunny will send you to a place with lots and lots of treasure! You will have to defeat AS MANY Bunny Thieves in the map as possible. There is a timer above your screen. THE CLOCK IS TICKING! HURRY!!

Drops from Bunny Thieves:

1. Bags of mesos

2. (BETTER!) Special Jewel Boxes (black color box)

By double clicking the Special Jewel Box and Superior Jewel Box, you are able to get either Jewels or Synergy Machine or Craft Belt/Craft Ring.

You can double click the Jewel Synergy Machine (i think the spelling is like this -_-), and combine the 2 jewels from your ETC slot. The outcome is RANDOMIZE. So.. play at your own risk :O

Well, if you think you have the jewel that you’re happy with, you can goto Event Map, and talk to the thingy next to the Moon Bunny and place the jewel on the Craft Belt/Craft Ring.

And this is what I got after numerous attempts!

jewel ring

Okay, it might not be the best, but at least it’s good enough, right? :O

Alright peeps. Good luck in trying! I’ll bug y’all in a few days!

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