MapleSEA Season 2 Review

After some days of testing and trying out the latest class release in MapleSEA Season 2, Angelic Buster, as well as the new interfaces in MapleSEA itself, I’ll be posting tips that you might find useful when you play MapleSEA Season 2.


As a start, since Season 2’s release, the EXP penalty system is applicable to all monsters now (that includes bosses), as compared to pre-Season 2, which boss monsters are not affected, which also means effective Season 2, no more freeway leeching or pure bossing to level as it is inefficient now.

So, as a start, should your character level is higher than the monster by 11 level or more, EXP penalty of 5% + is applicable, with an incremental of 5% per level, up to the cap of 60% EXP penalty (that is 22+ level).

Similarly, if you are lower than the monster level by 21 or more, the same penalty of 5% is applicable as well, up to 60%.

Too bad for those level 50 who goes to scarlion and targa for leeching to level 70. For that, its manual PQ at 50, ludi and kerning are good ones, since they are fast EXP. In fact, PQ’s EXP are the source of most levels for the current game system.

This will be the first tip from me for now, still trying to work around with the blog’s interface, do feel free to comment if in doubts regarding this new penalty system.

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