Mining Guide

Here’s a quick way for you to know about veins, ores and magic powder.

Silver vein: Opal ore, Silver ore

Magenta vein: Amethyst ore, Orihalcon ore

Brown vein: Bronze ore, Adamantium ore.

Emerald vein: Emerald ore, Dex crystal ore, Mithril ore

Gold vein: Topaz ore, Gold ore

Blue vein: Sapphire ore, Steel ore

Red vein: Garnet ore, Power crystal ore.

Aquamarine vein: Diamond ore, Aquamarine ore

Purple vein: Lithium ore, LUK crystal ore, Wisdom crystal ore

Black vein: Dark crystal ore, Black crystal ore


Magic Powder

White magic powder: Aquamarine ore, Diamond ore.

Brown magic powder: Bronze ore, Adamantium ore

Green magic powder: Mithril ore, Emerald ore, Dex crystal ore

Red magic powder: Garnet ore, Power crystal ore

Yellow magic powder: Gold ore, Topaz ore

Purple magic powder: Wisdom crystal ore, LUK crystal ore, Lithium

Black magic powder: Black crystal ore

Blue magic powder: Sapphire ore, Steel ore

*each time you mine a vein, there’s a 5-6 sec. cool down. If you’re mining in a Secret Mine in Ardentmill, the vein spawn time is around 4-6 sec. You can use it to calculate the mining cool down.

Novice Secret Mine: Silver vein, Magenta vein

Intermediate Secret Mine: Brown vein, Blue vein

Advanced Secret Mine: Emerald vein, Gold Vein

Expert Secret Mine: Aquamarine vein, Red vein

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