Exploring Demon Slayer & Patch Summary

Demon Slayer basic skills

Glide – <space bar> press 1 arrow key. < left or > right. keep pressing the arrow key.

High jump – <space bar> press UP ^ key twice QUICKLY.

Well..  To FLY/stay flying.

1. Double click your character.

2. Select Riding.

3. Look under Mount Skill. Double click on the Demon Wings, you can also put it on your hotkey.

I know i’ve been dead for so long but ..i’m alive again.

Have fun with the Legend- Demon Slayer.

Patch Notes Summary&Highlights

1. ALL Demon Slayers that reaches Level 30 by 17th July 2012, 0900hrs (+8 GMT) will get a FREE PERMANENT Legends Balloon Cash Item. (which will make you look like a kiddie, but..nevermind. just joking :x)


To receive the free permanent balloon, log in to the character that you wish to receive the permanent Legends Balloon Cape(as shown below).


• The Legends Balloon will be credited into the 1st character that enter the Cash Shop.

2. Spirit Pendant from Maple Admin everyday from 04/07/12 – 15/07/12.

3. Command Emblems ( 04/07/12- 07/08/12)


Collect 50 of the emblems and submit to Gaga. Reward: a Legends Awards Coin and some experience.

4. Legendary Black Dragon ( 04/07/12 – 07/08/12)

Defeat this monster to collect the wings!


Collect 50 of the wings, talk to Cassandra to receive and gift box from the dragon together with some experience!


From the box:
-Accessory Stat 60% Scroll
-Armor Stat 60% Scroll
-Equipment Enhancement Scroll
-Potential Scroll
-Trait Use Items
-Reindeer Milk
-Sunrise Dew
-Legends Awards Coin
-Legendary Black Dragon Ring


-Legendary Black Dragon Chaos Scroll 60% (Note: This scroll grants potential to an Legendary Black Dragon Ring at 100% chance, it does not change the stats of the ring like a normal Chaos Scroll)

5. Legends of Happiness( 04/07/12- 07/08/12)Target: the Legends classes (Cannon Shooter, Mercedes, Demon Slayer).

Reward:  Level 50– Tania Cloak (Cash Decorative Item, Cape, Charm +30)

Level 70– Mercury Cloak (Cash Decorative Item, Cape, Charm +30)


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