Introduce you some off-topics

What has been holding me from blogging recently.. well this recently is months I know. Sorry for the drag.

Um.. wanna know what I’ve been up to? TV Series of course.. again :X

I know it’s off topic and this blog is supposed to be about MapleSEA events and the game itself. But, let me explain myself why I haven’t been here lately and introduce you some REAL AWESOMEEEEEEEE TV Series.

1. The Secret Circle (Supernatural, teen, horror )

It’s about a girl, Cassie Blake who just lost her mother to a fire. She moved to another town,Chance Harbor to be with her grandma. Soon, she discovered her magic power and dark magic. Bounded to a circle which included another 5 witches. More about their secret lifes on CW….

2. Ringer ( Thriller, Mystery)

Bridget Kelly  is a recovering drug addict. She is under the protection of a FBI Agent , having agreed to testify against her employer, local crime boss, whom she witnessed commit murder. Fearing that her crime boss, who has already murdered several witnesses linking him to previous crimes, will also kill her, Bridget flees to New York to meet her estranged twin sister Siobhan. Soon after arriving in New York, Siobhan, who had kept her sister’s existence secret from her family, appears to commit suicide by jumping into the ocean. Bridget then assumes Siobhan’s identity and tries to fit in among Siobhan’s wealthy social circle.

Let you know more soon! If you want to? 😀

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