Mardi Gras Mask

Quest from Gaga.

1. Hunt 10 Mardi Gras Bead Necklace from ANY monsters.

2. Talk to Gaga to complete the quest.

3. Gaga will give you 1 Green Mardi Gras Feather. ( maybe give random colour)


So.. what colour mask you want, what colour feather you need to get.

You need 10 feather to exchange 1 mask and the mask is only available for 5 days.




3 comments on “Mardi Gras Mask

    • 你随便杀怪兽,就有可能拿到珍珠。收集到了10颗珍珠就可以与Gaga交换成一根羽毛。收集到了10根同样颜色的羽毛后,可以与Gaga又一次交换。任务的收获是一个面具,面具只可以穿5天,5天后就会消失。希望这些质料对你有帮助。

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