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The current on-going events are:

9—EVOLVING BELT EVENT (22th February to 6th March 2012)


1. Receive the “Evolving Belt” quest from NPC Gold Richie at Event Map .


2. Accept “The Latest Tech” quest and receive the “Marble That Evolves Into A Belt After 30 Minutes.”


3. Hold on to it for 30 minutes without OFFLINE to receive a Level 1 Evolving Belt.
4. Go back to Gold Richie to receive your next quest, “Dr. Kim’s Advice”.
5. Hold on to the “Mysterious Marble”  for at least 1 hour to receive an “Evolving Belt Upgrade Capsule”.
6. Upgrade the Evolving Belt to the next level with the Evolving Belt Upgrade Capsule.

10—Random Beauty Coupon Event (22th February to 22th March 2012)


When using the Special Beauty CouponSkin, Eyes and hair will be randomized. Most of the Monsters do drop the Special Beauty Coupon.

^ seriously, this is SO FUN! and the BEST event EVER!

I got alot coupons and experiment on afew characters. Some nice..some….eeee. But, the good thing is the coupon isn’t hard to get and you can do it over and over again til you happy ^_^ And you have 1 month to do it! So, move your lazy ass and beautify your characters now.  IT’S FREE!



You might get some hairstyles/ faces that not yet released in MapleSEA.

Trust me,you won’t want to miss this event!

NOTE: Server Check & Cash Shop Update on 22nd February 2012 from 0900hrs to 1600hrs (+8 GMT).

Game Service for both Ares & Artemis Gateway will be down during this period of time.

Server Check
1. Fixing of disconnection issue caused by multi-pet skill
2. Fixing of player unable to purchase Dual Blade’s Skill Mastery Books and Package items.
3. Cash Shop Update ( For more, visit:


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