Hero 1-4th job SkillBuild [JUMP PATCH]

This is how I add my hero’s skill. Of course you can add any skills that you like.


Sorry if this is too messy for you :X Currently don’t have much time to do all those editting. PS!

I am Lv.156 now and at this moment, I think I’ll max Combat mastery to 10 and then Enrage.

It’s okay to have 0 skill point on Maple Warrior since other classes might have it.

The best way to level up for now is join party quests or hunt bosses.

For my level, party quests that are good:

1- Escape.

2- Resurrection of Hoblin King.

3- Dragon Rider.

4- Kenta in Danger.

They all give around.. 1,911,463 EXP. aka 3%

From the party quests,you can also obtain special quest ETC to exchange some awesome equipments.

Will give more informations about the party quests soon. Stay tune 😀

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