Premium Mini Dungeon Ticket-Quest chain

Ticket 1 and 3- hunt from ANY monsters. Ticket 1 is harder to get but I think won’t take too long.

Ticket 2- Purchase from Maple Administrator in ANY town for 10,000 mesos.

Ticket 4- You need to go around Maple World to get that.

Pls goto the NPC in the following order:

1. Lith Harbour- Mr.Goldstein

2. Henesys- Pia


4. Nautilus-Tangyoon (cafeteria) 

5. Korean Folk Town- Chil Nam

6. Ariant- Sirin

7. Singapore CBD- Airu

Premium Mini Dungeon available at:


1.Sleepywood- “Ant Tunnel II“. (Mob name: Horny Mushrooms and Zombie mushrooms)

2. Henesys-“The Rain-Forest East of Henesys“.(  Pigs and Ribbon pigs)

3.  Sleepywood-“Drake Collide“. ( Dark Drake)

4. Sleepywood- “Sleepy Dungeon IV“.( Stone Golem and Mix Golem)


5.  “Eos Tower 76th floor ~ 90th floor“.(Drumming bunny)


6.  “Battlefield of Fire and Water“. ( Red, Blue, Dark Kentaurus)

7.  “The Dragon Nest Left Behind“.(Skelegon and Skelosaurus)

8.  “Destroyed Dragon Nest“.(Jr. Newtie and Transforming Jr.Newtie)

Herb Town

9.  “Red-Nose Pirate Den 3“. (Captain)


10. “Sahel 2“. (Sand rat)

11. “Lab – Area C-1“. (Roid)

Singapore/ CBD

12. Mysterious Path 3“.(Selkie Jr and Slimy)


13.  “Fantasy Theme Park 3“. (Froscola and Jester Scarlion)


14. “The Destroyed Park II” (Duku)


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