Donation Box.

I heard people say donate to the donation box in Zipangu for 40,000,001 mesos can get the inferno chair easily. Inferno,the red dragon chair. The dragon chair also available in blue but I’m too lazy to check what’s its name again 😛

So, yesterday me and SiuPiG went to try out luck see if we can get any 😛

Then goto Ninja castle.

Talked to NPC Boom Boom. Use the Luck sack to exchange something.

and..guess what I got.

ZZZZZZZZZZZ. Not inferno! it’s the shitty Star over a treee chair. GOSH! I can get that for FREE during the Alien Catching Event. I got tons of them!

And SiuPiG got 100PE.HAHA! but better than mine D;

Then..Okay. yesterday GMCVenshi and GMCDreki went channel 20 fm to visit maplers. It’s been a long time since I last saw Dreki coz I quitted for like..6 months.

GMCVenshi transformed into Von Leon and I became a papulatus.

GMCVenshi turned me into a Yeti then Snowman D; I want to be a dragon!

2 comments on “Donation Box.

  1. I had a guildmate who got an abyss chair (blue dragon) and a swing chair from the orange sack. He donated 25 mil each time. Worth a try? Btw I’m in the Delphi/Eri/Izar mix world.

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