[Update]Patch Version 1.07: Lion King Von Leon!


• The Master Monsters are new boss monsters.
• Each has new quests associated with it.
• The quests to fight the Snow Witch begin at level 57 with Scadur’s Advice (El Nath)
• The quests to fight the Bamboo Warrior begin at level 100 with Shadow Ghost of the Herb Field (Herb Town)
• The quests to fight Richie begin at level 135 with Attack of the Zombies (El Nath)
• When defeating a Master Monster in a party will receive bonus EXP! 30% extra EXP for each additional party member up to a max of 150% extra EXP for parties of six.

 Fairy Pendant Event (Event Period: 17/08/2011 – 31/08/2011)

Talk to NPC Cassandra to find out more! For characters level 13 and above.

Crayon Event- Portrait of a Popular Monster (Event Period: 17/08/2011 – 31/08/2011)

Collect crayon of different color to complete the Rainbow Drawing! Remember, you can collect only one color per day.

Talk to NPC Cassandra to find out more! For characters level 13 and above.

Missed out one day and short of 1 color crayon? Not to worry! Gaga will give you the crayon of color that you want at the end of the event!

List of the Crayon quest is as follows:
• View of the Rainbow
• Gaga’s Indigo Crayon
• Gaga’s Purple Crayon
• Gaga’s Red Crayon
• Gaga’s Orange Crayon
• Gaga’s Yellow Crayon
• Gaga’s Green Crayon
• Gaga’s Crayons

Reward for completing the Rainbow Drawing

La Tomatina Party Quest and Exchange Event! (Event Period: 17/08/2011 – 14/09/2011)

Collect Strange Baby Tomato dropped by Giant Tomato (as shown above) that appears in ALL towns randomly and find NPC Charles to exchange for special tomato related items!
Look for NPC Charles and Ben in event map (through Mirror of Dimension). Complete 2 of Ben’s requests in a party of 3. For characters Level 13 and above.   
Quest Name
• Ben’s tomato farm 1
• Ben’s tomato farm 2
Important stuff!
 1.Change in Expedition Time Limit on Horntail and Zakum
    Zakum Expedition : 50 minutes
Horntail Expedition : 1 hour 15 minutes 
2.50 fames requirement to:

• Exit Leafre Town
• Transformation into dragon to Time Temple
• Enter level 68 and above mini dungeons
• Exit Kampung Village right portal to higher level maps
• Enter Entrance to Ulu City from suburban Area 2
• Enter Ninja Castle Hallway from Inside Ninja Castle
• Enter Parking Lot from Near the Hideout
• Enter dungeon maps from Path of Time
• Enter Bigger Ben Lobby from New Leaf City (clock portal)

3.Minimum of level 15 to enter Free Market Entrance

New Cash Items Release!

• image [Effect] Cygnus Effect
• image [Others] Hyper Teleport Rock (1 day)
• image [Weapon] Sparkler
• image [Overall] Pink Bean Suit
• image [Hat] Pink Bean Hat
• image [Weapon] Mini Bean Propeller
• image [Cape] Pink Bean Tail
• image [Others] Peanut Machine Available in Cash Shop until 14th September 2011 Only
• image [Others] Premium Cash Shop Surprise Available in Cash Shop until 14th September 2011 Only

Manual Patch Download Links

[MediaFire] Manual Patch V1.06~1.07  http://www.mediafire.com/?k2xnd5cbfgnmq0j




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