Temporary Blocking of Certain Characters Creation

Dear Player,

With the destruction brought by the Chaos, the Heroes are once again needed with a brand new strength to defend the Maple World!

In order to get prepared, we will be blocking the creation of new AranDual Blade, and Evan characters from17th August 2011 onwards after the Lion King Von Leon Patch.

This temporary blocking will not affect Aran, Dual Blade, and Evan class created before 17th August 2011.


11 comments on “Temporary Blocking of Certain Characters Creation

  1. Hey, I’m creating a Aran. But after they improve it , will it auto update my old aran or need to create an Aran after Von Leon patch? (:

  2. LOL , what server are you playing? Im asking are you sure because my friends told me , I need to create after they improve Aran. They say it will be this much stronger. 😐

    • Cassiopeia. ALL Aran should be the same. If the OLD Aran and the NEW Aran not the same,then not fair to old Maplers.But I don’t think you have to re-create another Aran. I think they will auto-update all the old existing Aran.

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