Missing my friends so badly.

Some quitted, some..M.I.A.


He quitted but I heard people say he just start another new character. ( Not sure, since I less online now )

Only know him for afew months but he is cute and also a good listener.

Things we’ve done together:

(i) The 2nd one.

(ii) Tried to upload this video to YouTube but they muted my video.




It’s been 2 years since the day we met. He was once my good friend but now he’s too busy with studies/work so we seldom talk, only sometimes on facebook.

Things we’ve done together:

(i) We used to train together in skele/duku before big bang patch. Never see him online after big bang patch.

(ii) I met him before my crossbowman account got suspended. He gave me training slot in MP3 ^^

My crossbowman- chambytoh


This guy. He is my primary schoolmate. We lost contact after I went to secondary school but last year I transferred school and we met again.We’re in the same class last year and this year. =]

Things we’ve done together:

(i) Although we didn’t spend much time with each other but he will always help me when I need helps.

(ii) When my accounts got suspended, I have to startover, (that’s when I started this warrior-DevilChamby). He borrowed me weapons, equips.

(iii) We went Zakum/MuLung Training Centre together.


Yeah he’s my Maple ex o.o But after we broke up ( in maple ), we are still friends. I can tell him everything. And he’s been helping me alot.


Only met him afew months ago but I like him.

Funny + Cute + Loyal + Handsome + Smart = nandek FujiDomoko ( ._. since you like nandek so much..give you nandek as your first name barh)

Things we’ve done together:

(i) Train in skele/time temple before big bang patch.

(ii) Slacking in FreeMarket.

(iii) Went samurai/ scarlion together.

(iv)  Many many more…too much to mention all here.


He always read my blog =] Thanksss alot.

He’s my fire poison arch mage> cynditoh‘s guildmate.

My fire poison arch mage was in Memories guild.

Now? got suspended due to some..unknown reason. =(

MapleSEA, might be just a game to you. But it means alot to me. I get to know so many people in this game and now I have more and more friends. Some friends in the game has became my real life friend.



We share this character but now he quitted, so I’m playing his character. Last time my FP mage Lv.8x. Finding spammer in sky nest 2, then this guy said he can sell me cheap.  We also chat while he’s spamming and -__- he said he’s from..SMJK xxx xxx. whatthe..same school..

Then we became really good friends o.o Now he’s studying in KL. ( study hard arh..don’t worry I will treat your character nicely, no raping. TQ.)

Some people in MapleSEA very bad..but not all. You can get some really nice friends in this game, just spend time and be nice to everyone except for hackers/scammers/ kser-s.



2 comments on “Friends.

  1. HAHA CHAMBY, MISS ME BO, I MISS YOU TOO xP ever since you inactive already, im also kinda busy with school, but will also on during my holidays!!
    chat more and keep in touch, and why ABOUT ME SO SHORT ONE F5!!
    only read your blog sobs, no other memorise of me luh 😦

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