Mechanic Patch

Evolving Ring Event II ! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 – 26/07/2011)

The Evolving Ring can evolve up to 17 times, once per day!

This is what you have to do to start getting your evolving ring:

1. Log in and talk to NPC Cody at Event Map to receive a ring. This ring will have no stats.

2. Stay in game for 1 hour. If you log out not having stayed the full hour, the ring will disappear.

3. After 1 hour, your ring will evolve into a level 1 ring automatically!

4. This is what will need to do from 2nd to 17th times of the evolving process:

a) Log in and tell NPC Cody you want to evolve your ring. He will give you a box.

b) Stay in game for an hour. If you log out not having stayed the full hour, the box will disappear.

c) When you have stayed the hour, the box will automatically open up to reveal a potion.

d) Take the potion back to Cody to evolve your ring.

Be sure to talk to NPC Cody on the last day of the event, 26th July 2011 to evolve your ring one last time to change your ring into TRADEABLE!


Characters holding on to existing Evolving Ring (tradeable or untradeable) from previous Evolving Ring Event will not be able to get the ring or upgrading potion box from NPC Cody.

Grendel 6th Anniversary Final Diligent Seeker! (Event Period: 15/07/2011 to 24/07/2011)

• Event is available to character level 8 and above.

• For 10 days in a row, look for NPC Maple Administrator and obtain a Attendance Book daily!

• With the Attendance Book, look for Grendel the Really Old in Ellinia, to obtain a stamp daily and some minor anniversary rewards.

• Please take note you need to complete this task daily for 10 consecutive days to prove your sincerity to Grendel to get the final reward.

• On the 10th and final day, if you have complete the task for 10 consecutive days, you will be able to choose 1 of the 2 chairs!

Sheep Ranch Event! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 – 31/07/2011)

For 5 members mode, 1 will become wolf. 4 will become sheep.

For 10 members mode, 3 will become wolves. 7 will become sheep.

Sheep will need to run away from wolves and avoid losing all their Fine Wool within the time limit to win.

Wolves will need to attack the sheep with Steal Sheep Wool (bomb) until they lose all their Fine Wool to win.

Both Sheep and Wolves will be able to receive special items available only at the ranch.

Maplers are advised to have 5 USE slots available to receive the special items.

Maplers are advised set these items in key setting while playing the game.

By gathering more Fine Wool (for wolf) or Shepherd Boy’s Lunch (for sheep) during game play, you will earn more EXP upon victory!

Try to find Sheep Ranch Golden ? Egg inside the boxes of the ranch that will give out random rewards including Fairy’s Pendant (24 hours).

English School Party Quiz! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 – 31/07/2011)

1. Talk to NPC Dr. P to enter English School.

2. Quiz Party Quest for 1 to 5 members.

3. Collect all the required alphabets within 5 minutes time limit and pass them to party leader.

4. Party leader will pass all the required alphabets to NPC David.

5. Once the question is answer correctly, please redeem your reward within the time limit. Each session will end when you answered ONE question correctly.

6. You will receive a random reward and a Obedient Child Medal  when you answer the question correctly.

7. Collect Obedient Child Medal in units of 10 and you will be able to exchange unique rewards from NPC Dr. P as stated below.

Permanent Decorative Cash Item Sales! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 – 20/07/2011)

More than 40 decorative cash items are available for a limited time period only until 20th July 2011!

Selected Permanent Cash Items can be purchase from Permanent Item option under Main Tab in Cash Shop.

Other In-Game Changes!

• Crimson Wood Keep Party Quest will be change into an Expedition Mode.

• Mark of Naricain Pendant obtainable from Crimson Wood Keep Expedition will be changed to one-of-a-kind item after Mechanic Patch. (Which means you can only have one. If you want to get another one,you’ll have to throw away your current one like scarlion boss helmet.)

• Sales of Lie Detector Test  will be available from most potion stores in major towns.

Mini-dungeons with monsters’ level 66 and above will only be available to characters with 30 fames or more to enter.

*For those 1st timer participating in the Challenge on this blog, kindly leave your answer as a comment on the post with your MapleIGN in Cassiopeia server.*



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