Rhythm Of Love

This is my..4th Maple Music Video.
Support Ty ❤
Very sad to tell you guys that I am going to be less active from July onwards until SPM is over which is December 2011.
I will miss you guys but for haters, I hope I don't have to see your faces again when I'm back.

Reason I quit
1. I bombed my sword, thought still got my flairgrave so I put enhancement scroll on it but ended up BOMBED and I borrowed my flairgrave to Gary, and he BOMBED it too.. SAD CASE.
2. I got no money left as I borrowed the meso I have left to Gary and he promised to return me 2moro. We’ll see.
3. I have no glove as Gary has it now.
4. Meaningless. Spent so much time/ money in Maple and I got nothing at last. People betrayed, they ran away after they took advantages on you.
You can hate me , whatever you want. That’s all I want to say.
Have a nice day, people.
Go suck your own ****, haters..


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