SexY talk

Been busy these few days. Stress, depress.

If you’re in some kind of Chaos situation like me, maybe you can listen to Bob Acri or have a sexY talk 😛 Definately not The Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga coz this song is so YUCKS. No offend but I hate it. It’s not nice at all and I’m wondering why is the radio station keep playing it.

Had this conversation with my buddies afew days ago.

JJJella: Seriously you all at here like want open sex party*

SIUPiG: don make me laugh

SexY talk became Vulgar talk.

Well, if you think the chat above is not sexy enough. I guess that one below can make you laugh abit LOL.

Was shopping at fm then saw this. LMFAO @ too bad i don like you. What a..KID.

Enjoy your last 2 hours, peeps. It’s 10:00PM GMT+ 08:00


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