MapleStory Legend

Sorry peeps. Been gone for afew days. Had to go another island in a rush.


In memory of forgotten stories
2011 Summer
A new legend begins

July 7 Canon Shooter
Now caught in a strange wave of fate
Bombardment of the heart sounds thrilled

July 21 Mercedes
The Return of the King
Curse of the hero waking up in a beautiful elf

August 4 Demon Slayer

Now awakened in the dark
Hide the revenge of the resistance force of the new

MapleStory Legends
3 new classes Cannon Shooter, Mercedes and Demon Slayer!

Korea MapleStory Legend Arrival!
Cannon Shooter ( Adventurer): 7th July 2011
Mercedes (Hero): 21st July 2011
Demon Slayer (Resistance): 4th August 2011

Cannon Shooter a cannon user accompanied by a monkey that will aid with the attacks and buffs has the ability to swim.

Mercedes a dual bow user very elaborate skills and great mobility Mercedes is a class of its own, therefore it will have its own town similar to Aran gender of character can be chosen.

Demon Slayer a job that used to be a general within the Black Mage’s army but has moved over to the resistance Demon Slayer instead of using MP, Demon Slayers will feature Demon Force and that is its Energy and Demon Slayer have its own specialties to grow wings, the wings grow as character level.

Cannon Shooter Info & Skill Preview:
Mercedes & Demon Slayer Information:
Mercedes Skill Preview: Coming Soon
Demon Slayer Skill Preview: Coming Soon


4 comments on “MapleStory Legend

  1. HAHA but I think Maple is breaking their own story line lo.. At first they say 5 adventurers came Maple Island then found Victoria island. Then say Queen Cygnus blah blah, then suddenly popped out the legendary warrior-Aran and Dragon master-Evan. Too many jobs.

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