What the…LUCK 2!

Yesterday so addicted to 30% scroll. Now..I’m addicted to 70% potential scroll! and I’m still in love with 30% scroll 😀 though I failed afew D:

So I bought lots of 70% potential scroll today and BANG on everything I see!

My sexy sparta in my storage cha 😛

YEAH.Sexier now..3line 😀 but I’m not going to cube it coz I don’t really spend on cube :X

This one..also PASSED. this is what I’m wearing now.

I don’t dare to put 30% topwear STR on another one, so I decided to throw on this 😛

Ended up -_- PASSED


Sellin this @10m. You sok. If you want me to sok = 150m o_o

Just made and PASSED 70% potential scroll 😀 I’m wearing it now.

My ex top.

Conclusion: 70% potential scroll is always better than 90% ._. I bombed afew 90% potential scroll but so far never bomb any 70% potential scroll. 70% potential scroll = 4m+. 90% potential scroll 18m-22m. See the difference? =]

So, if you’re interested in any of those, tell me with your offer. =]





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