What the..LUCK!

SO uh. Today I’m going to tell you guys about my LUCK. I NEVER use  30% scroll on my items because it’s really really dangerous but somehow, my hand itchy yesterday. Saw one sexy Purple Giles Cape lying in my iventory. So I came up with a perfect idea which is..SURF FM. See what cape scroll can I get then I buy..and scroll it. So I clicked the 1st store and I saw Cape for STR 30%.. I forgot the price I think around 1.5m. I was thinking Wah lao..30% leh sure bomb la. Where got so easy in de? I throw all 60% also fail ALL larh. Aiya,cincai. Junk lai de. Then the scroll slipped away from my cursor. *TING* The scroll lighted up and the magic power has been transferred to the item. < Something like that larh.L-O-L, I’m not the one who wrote that thing so I don’t know the exact sentence larh. Then I was like..WHATTHE…Like that also can?! I passed my 1st 30% scroll! YAY!

Hand gatai again. coz pass one 30% too high ( sorry ha, noob is like that de ) Then I bought a 70% potential scroll. BOMB-ed

YIPEE? Passed again.

2 line..haiya cincai la.70% , what do you expect,man..

Hand getting itch-ier today.

Get some maple warrior shields from xxxxxxx  then go fm buy shield for weapon attack 30%. Bought 4 TOTAL = 80m. Okay,nice. 80m just gone like that and 0 meso come in today -_- (Y)

1st shield. Nothing happened. But didn’t bomb the shield.

2nd shield. PASSED

 WAHLAO?! put 70% pot also IN! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYY!!! o_o

Hand itch-iest time.

I put Enhancement scroll on my reverse one handed sword. Weapon attack 120. 0 slot.

And then guess what, BOMBED. The fucking sentence popped out at my chatbox.


Okay, you can see my sexy sword there> https://chambyt.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/my-eqs-before-and-after-big-bang/

Then I spread in my buddy chat and alliance chat, ask if some kind soul can borrow me a weapon -_-

Someone in my alliance borrow me this. it’s really nice but I think I have to return it 2moro =[

I think I spent more than 100m today… I’m officially broke now ._.

GoodLUCK, maplers.


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