MapleSEA 6th anniversary giveaway package

In  case you missed this .

MapleSEA will be giving out 1 Special Package randomly to 66% of Maplers in MapleSEA that fulfilled 2 simple requirements that login from 22nd June 2011 after minor patch to 1200hrs, 24th June 2011!

In order to be be eligible to get MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package that will be given out randomly to everyone, you need to fulfill the following criteria.

  1. Maple account contains at least ONE level 50 and above character irregardless which world of the respective Gateway
  2. Maple account was login at least 6 times between 22nd March to 21st June 2011. (of the respective Gateway by any character in the the same Gateway)
-If you do not wish to use the character to receive the free cash item, you may choose to reject to receive it and use another character to access Cash Shop to redeem it again.
Availability of getting of MapleSEA 6th Anniversary Giveaway Package will end on 1200hrs (+8GMT) 24th June 2011.
-Maple accounts that did not fully redeem all 8 cash items by 1200hrs (+8 GMT) 24th June 2011 will automatically forfeit their chances to redeem them.
• All Emotions received from Hot Time Event on 22nd May 2011 (Fixed back to become permanent)
• Existing Alien Pets acquired before Big Bang Patch having the wrong default skills (Fixed, corrected all 5 default pet skills)
• Unable to enter Kerning Square for some Maplers (Fixed)
• Mastery Book description error for Intrepid Slash (Fixed)
• Wishlist alignment bug (Fixed)
• Guild Notice bug (Partially fixed due to new features in the coming future)
• Casted buff icons shift lower not to block notice and boss monster HP bar (Changed)
• Gifting of Miracle Cube and Premium Miracle Cube in Cash Shop (Available now)
• Removal of Auto Buffing Skills from all Pets – This skill is not intended to be release at this point of time


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