Today’s topic- Oh! Crabb!

Crappy weeks. Been busy all day long. So, I decided to name today’s topic- Oh, Crab! Because I was so busy these days and don’t have time to search for topics. I promise I will spend some time to look for something interesting next week. I might be inactive from July onwards because I’m having SPM this year. Pre-SPM starts from Sep, so I have to get ready earlier but I will try to online on weekends 😛

This is my next crab-to-buy! 😀 so cute and I don’t see people bring this crab before.

I want this! only Decent Mystic Door is useful, others…can goto hell.

“Ma ni ma ni hom” < *casting spell*.

“Ni ah ma pa ni ah gong” < your grandma hit your grandpa.

Same move 😀 but not same damage -_- he 200k, i 20k T_T

Have a nice day, babeh. My head is about to ka-cha-bomb. @_@




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