Writting a report: Scammer + Kser Battl3magex3

This happened yesterday!

Aim: To investigate if Battl3magex3 is a scammer,kser,noob,shameless shit,idiot,fucker.

Hypothesis: This guy is evillll. It’s better for you to not do anything with him because he is a totally mother fucking asshole + bastard. What makes me hate this guy so much? The thing I hate the most is people taking advantages of me and keep denying when he/she did something wrong. This asshole act like nothing happened and he’s God-like or something. I just don’t like people doing this.

Constant variable: DevilChamby will continue hate this fucker.

Manipulated variable: battl3magex3 ‘s crappy shits is totally out of control

Responding variable: UNKNOWN

Apparatus and Materials: Screwdriver, ‘spanna ‘ , poops , time, super megaphone, aeroplane and blah blah!

Procedure: Monday, I org-ed Scar run and a guy > 3iGnuhC brought a friend in. At first, I don’t really want to let any VIPs bring friends go in because scary things might happen. But then , I trusted this guy coz he looks honest and yesterday he died in Spooky World. He didn’t scam me, the one who looted a scarlion boss helmet and ran away is Battl3magex3. This fucker..seriously, I want to slaughter him so badly! I never really hate a guy so much. It’s not about the money, it’s the thing that I don’t like people scamming! He pissed me off and I got really mad yesterday. Monday I keep thinking ” forget about it. just a noob mapler, suan le ba. one helmet only”. Then  I thought of what others did to me in real life..my friends and family have always been taking advantages on me. The more I think of it, the angry-er I get! Then I decided to whisper this shit and ask him to pay.


What blame it on 3iGnuhC? You scam people,his fault? And then I don’t really understand what shit he said. “u wan map, i sell him,instead of that,i give him slot” WHATTHEFUCK?! Which fucking map I want? I didn’t even talk to you before! You give him slot, what that got to do with me?

He take map until 2am , none of my business. Don’t keep somemore to me,you,fucker, just tell me when do you want to pay me or say sorry!

And then more shits coming. He took your shitty map until 2am, that’s why you didn’t pay? WHATTHEFUCK. I already said before, if you are not paying me money, you are NOT getting ANYTHING! If you take something from the scarlion boss, I SWEAR I will get a DOG fuck you til you DIE! If you have a problem with 3iGnuhC, you go solve with him, don’t fucking shit with me.

You give him map until 2am is my problem?! Are you fucking kidding me?! I don’t know him,fucker. And that’s your problem, if you don’t want to give him the map,TELL HIM, you got a fucking BIG, FAT mouth. And you’re talking SHITS now!

That is for free>the mp3 map= The mp3 map that Battl3magex3 gave to 3iGnuhC is FREE. 😀

nt hat= The hat is not for free. of course not for free la Whatthefuck. You think I get attacker for FREE meh.Jibai.Just pay la,fucker, arbo diam.

Same?! What same? I am nothing like you. You are just a piece of shit to me. Don’t put me and you together,please. You don’t know him then don’t follow him to scarlion boss like a DOG la. The only thing you know is talking shits and nonsense.

Still dare to wear the scarlion boss helmet that you scammed away from me F3

See? not only I say that orh~! Others also agree with me. Somemore got people told me he scammed gspq and rex pq also.

iKev93, who says noob cannot FFA people? I FFA those fuckers! If you don’t like me,just shut the fuck up and go away. Don’t kepo here. FYI,I’m not his dad, it’ll be a shame if I am his [insert word].

iMemorable also saw what the Scammer( battl3magex3) did.

Conclusion: Hypothesis is accepted! Battl3magex3 is evil and a totally asshole! Battl3magex3 is a scammer + kser. Everyone beware! This crazy kid is still shaking in Maple World!


This report is written by



8 comments on “Writting a report: Scammer + Kser Battl3magex3

  1. chamby!!! who the fuck dare to make you so angry, i also FFA a bunch of mother fucking dogs liao, those noobs spoil maplestory man!! so chill, anything can talk to me or ksin bro ok? 🙂

    • Yeah sure. =] You and ksin > really good helps. Those mother fucking asshole kids need to be spanked! I’ll grab their heads and *whack left* *whack right* ^_^ So kiampak. Talk also want act until so lanci. *no eyes see*

  2. I hate this kind of ppl… talk nothing related to subject.. if I know hm sure scold/attack him like pikachu :3

  3. lol a scar also wnt scam got pyrope wand wnt scam scarlion helm he noob or wad sia lol Chamby nxt time hor u wnt scar btr dun let other bring friend in

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