MapleStory Toad Boss Jump Quest

Before you can meet the biggest toad prostitute in MapleStory, you will have to pass the jump stage which needs..alot of patience and timing is very important. Sharpen your eyes before you start jumping.

Watch the video o_o

My method for part 2 is, jump onto the rope and let the red ninja use the green bullet thingy shoot your HEAD> Remember, it’s HEAD. Then you’ll be on the little platform. Quickly jump to another platform on right, as shown in video while you’re still invincible When you see yourself black black like that after you’re damaged by something, thats when you’re invincible. When you are invincible, you are GOD because you will not take another damage.

Part 4, which is the hard part for him. It’s actually the easiest part for me 😀 I just rushhhhh to the end. Don’t let the gas or something from the block hit you. Use the stars coming up from bottom hit you to another block.

Don’t panic. If you take a long time to jump this, take a deep breathe and continue after awhile.

My best record: 6 minutes =[

BTW, made a really good sword and it’s 2 liner but I boom-ed it by failing an upgrade slot ._. luckily i took a SS before i bomb-ed it.

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