Which GMC is working?

“Hacker!” ” OMG hacker here,how I train?!” ” GM #$%^& o0o GM” Lots of complains ._.

Now, finally GM start working. Not sure which GMC is this but I think he/she must be new one.

Normally when GM ban someone, we’ll see the notice like, ‘xxxx has been banned (permanently) for hacking.”

You see..*screams* cute.

 This GM is creative..and cute.

Never gives up. But still failed due to hacking. In conclusion, BANNED XX

beautiful playground..i see..

Yours?! okay..hacker spotted in Aqua road.

Hacker using vaccum hack, suck away all the monsters ._.

Set free @_@

BTW, Congratz floflo Lv.200 again.

GMCKinokuni? o_o new one?

Banning event continues..

Permanent holiday to play in the park. LMFAO! Funniest.

Which GM is this? So funny and creative 😀 Great job!


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