How Did You Die?

I know many people have many characters and they’re busy making the Evolving rings now. Sometimes they just take the Evolving ring upgrade potion box and then afk in event map. When they’re back, they realised their characters 1. Dead OR 2. Dc-ed.

Murderer :


If you dced when waiting for the upgrade potion, o_o either you afk too long or your connection not good xD.

Solution ( 80% working ):

1. Don’t afk too long, come back every 20-30 mins. Have a walk, hit some monsters.

2. The best is don’t stay in event map because there are too many people and you become really lag in a map full of people.

3. Avoid riding on a jaguar if you are a Wild Hunter. Sit.

4. It’s better for you not to watch some movies online like PPS something that will eat up your internet speed.

Have fun!

Like a dog bite you! I like it.


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