Congratulations to souljaboy14 and mangguod0t!Winners of Challenge 2!

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Answer for the 1st question is : Akon – Sorry, Blame It On Me

Answer for the 2nd question is : Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror
Sorry I do not want to post the video here because I don’t like it =X

Answer for the 3rd question is : Justin Bieber – Pray

Justin Bieber is a really good kid, right? 😀

So, did you give me the correct answer?o_o

I’m very happy to announce the winners here.
Our very lucky 1st winner is souljaboy14.
2nd prize goes to …Mangguod0t!!


Winners will receive their rewards on 12.6.2011 as in, tomorrow. Kindly online during 2pm-8pm.

XinInSZT2 also got it right but he’s a little bit too late. Awww. I am so sorry but there’s no 3rd prize.
There will be more and more events and challenges coming up on Make sure you stop by more often! And the winner for the next challenge might be YOU!
Don’t forget to say ThankYou xD and FOLLOW ChambyT on Twitter!!/ChambyT

Thank you for participating in this challenge and the supports!


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