LaMe! [ Price Tag ]

[Just stop, for a minute and

Why is everybody so serious
Acting so damn mysterious
Got your shades on your eyes
And your heels so high
That you can’t even have a good time] Jessie J-Price Tag



Very lag..

Sibeh lag… Even tiger also beh siok, i double click the pet food le, so long not yet deliver to his mouth.

Why is everybody so obsessed
Money can’t buy us happiness

Can we all slow down and enjoy right now
Guarantee we’ll be feeling Alright.

Its like this man, you can’t put a price on the life
We do this for the love so we fight and sacrifice everynight o_o

Everybody look to their left 
Everybody look to their right
Can you feel that ,yeah
We’re paying with love tonight

So we ain’t gon stumble and fall never
Waiting to see this in the sign of defeat uh uh
So we gon keep everyone moving their feet
So bring back the beat and then everyone sing


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