Creative OR Shitty?

Many maplers come out with lots of special igns. Their igns really make me R-O-F-L-M-F-A-O!

I decided to make a post about those ‘special’ igns. I find them,YOU label them!



I think you watch Fox TV series too much.

 Do you really want to be a baby killer?o_O!

 Wow, you like to sneeze alot.

 H1N1 outdate lerhh..AIDS is always in-to-date.

 How to spam?

 Where is it?



 Oh, really?o.o  > 






 Are you a pro?

Or  a  noob?




 Are you really naked?-_- wanna slap Kennie so badly..BTW, who is kennie?o.o

 and what the hell is this?

 I think you watch too much porn, bro o.o

 Really? Ended? o.o then why are you still here? (Thanks yufin for this ss)

Which is the LEAST favourite and the MOST favourite?o_O LET ME KNOW!

Have a laugh! Put on a smile.

Wishing you a very happy holiday =]


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