Have a little l-a-u-g-h

Hackers are getting more and more and more..Yesterday I see the line better abit then I felt like training, so..I went to Time Temple Memory Lane 1. And I saw this hacker..

I changed channel.

Hacker again..Hacker is in every channel. Someone mega-ed Aquaroad also full of hackers -_- How am I suppose to train like that? I can’t find an empty map.

So, I decided to go Ludi and complete my papu quest.

And I saw hacker…again.

WALAO! I get really angry. Train at TT also cannot. Want do quest, also cannot! What am I suppose to do?

before never seen

New chair?o.o According to her, you can get this Mini Pink Bean Chair via i-Gacha or..spam gacha and get the pink bean chocolate something. It’s cute o_o

Wa…at event map also can die. (Y) PRO! I think someone summoned monsters there ba o.o




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