Gaga Fishing Event

The latest patch include a new event. Maplers have to hunt  fish net from  monsters.

Go to Gaga and tell him you’ll catch the fish 😛

The fish jump out from the water and you double click the Fish Net in your Use. to catch the fish. You have to move faster, if not you’ll miss them. The best is, drag and drop the fish net on your Key Config. so that you can catch the fish faster and easier.

After you used up all the fish net, goto your Use.and double click the Fish net with a catch to see what’s in the fish net.

Might be..


Different kind of fish earns you different point =]

Talk to Gaga and give him all the fish you have. Collect the points to exchange some cool stuff from Gaga!

There’s a new chair.. you can get from Gacha. The current market price is 200-300m.

Have fun, Maplers.


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