Knights Of Cygnus

Today is the rise of the resistance ( Wild Hunter and Battle Mage). I am really excited to create my own Wild Hunter. I think it’s very very cool.

But not to forget,other than the Explorers, Aran, Evan, Dual Blade and the FRESH Resistance, we also have Knights Of Cygnus. But their max level is Lv.120.

Wind Breaker ( Archer-Uses a bow )

Soul Master ( Warrior )

Flame Wizard ( Magician-Uses a wand or staff )

Night Walker ( Thief- Uses throwing star )

Striker ( Pirate- Uses a knuckle )

Maplers, have fun exploring your Resistance. REMEMBER to

1. Create a Resistance character!
2. Train and level up your Resistance character to level 30 and above before 7th June 2011, 2359hrs!
3. 3,000 Maple Points will be credited to your maple account on 8th June 2011!

Look for Gaga to find out more about the latest fish catching event! MapleSEA is giving out some eye catchy rewards!


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