Funny screenshots I got from MapleSEA

I was searching for stuff on facebook and then I clicked into MapleSEA page see if there’s something new..and..I saw afew screeenshots that are actually..really..FUNNY.

So..before big bang patch arrived, the hackers were busy hunting skillbooks,golden eggs,etc..

And now,they are busier than ever! Hackers are all over the world! You can see them everywhere, very easily. You go to Muddy banks..Dragon forest, EVEN mulung..there are hackers EVERYWHERE! They can be seen anywhere and anytime.

I’ve seen alot of hackers when I was on my way to Kampung Village. They are in every channels.

What will happen when hacker meets hacker. Be friends? Share the map? Or..ks each other =] * I love his drawing*

Hackers are always Evan and Aran…but most of the time, EVAN.

This is what we called ON AIR! I can sit in the middle of the sea in Aqua town too =]

And this mapler actually give other maplers a very good information. You don’t have to risk your life climbing up there, kissing the very hairy monsters. I guess just press up at the stone?

What is this big fish doing up there ?o.o I’ve seen people taking screenshots of the big fish at different town. I think you can summon the fish somehow. But I really have no idea whether it’s a monster or what.. Don’t know the name and what is it for either. This big fish with fat sausage lips and big eyes looks really really funny..I’m staring at the screen and can’t stop giggling.

If he get scammed, then he is very stupid..-_- It looks like it’s dead already. Just an etc o.o You can have 1000 of that or more if you want.

Have fun, people. Holidays coming =] I am hoping that I could go somewhere else. I just don’t want to stay here anymore. Mushroom is growing on my head! I love mushrooms but my head isn’t the best place to grow.


7 comments on “Funny screenshots I got from MapleSEA

    • John, you can get the Big Fish Sack from ANY Fishing lagoon where you can access from Free Market. The portal is at the right end. Summon the Big Fish and use your Wild Hunter to capture it. =]

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