Count On Me

I’ve been working on the MMV based on Bruno Mars- Count on me lately..

Things were good at first and then it turned ugly -_- The timing isn’t right. Youtube disabled the audio. And..the video quality isn’t good. SO..I worked my ass off to get things done. I fixed the timing thing. And I worked it out. Thank God. I’ve change different version of the song and YouTube still disable my audio because of the copyright thingy. I don’t know how to solve it because I’m really new in making videos and the Youtube thing. Since I can’t do anything about it to get the song played, I decided to upload my video on some other sites. I uploaded it on MegaUpload,MegaVideo and Facebook. Facebook quality is blur…I can’t even see the WORSE! Even the image is very very blur.. But still, I hope you guys can watch it and ❤ it T_T

Click on the link below to watch my video on MegaVideo.

Or you can add me on facebook, goto my video and view it.

Thankiewwww. I hope it’s not too bad.

If you know any site that can let people watch video online and the quality is good, you can suggest it to me =] and I’ll upload the video on the site ASAP!


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