Having fun with my friend-XDcuteXP

Yesterday I was having a really bad time but I know my friends do care about me. Thanks for all the helps..supports and I love you all. I know there’ll be more and more haters out there. We can’t do anything about it but ignore them. So, yeah, I’ll ignore them. And for those who are ignoring me for no reasons and not going to talk to me anymore..Fine. Forget about it.

Now I just hope that the one who did that yesterday wasn’t my friend. I’ll be very sad if it’s my friend. Honestly, I will.

Was waiting for the SP reset given by GM, now still..waiting. While waiting for the HotTime event, my friend and I went to LudiPQ and she asked me to take afew ss ^^

She asked me to say that =_=



Copy cow =]

Btw, take a look at my shoes o.o Before big bang patch, only the 3 lines potential and after bbp,one more Stance +Lv.1 pop-ed out.


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