A post to unknown

Whoever you are, if you don’t like my blog, you can just go away. Noone is forcing you to stay or read this. You are the one who came in this site, so it’s actually pointless to say some shits here.. Anyways..thanks for viewing my blog and help me gain more views 😀

And..oh yea, thanks for coming back and read my reply =]


Hater just loves hatersss.

6 comments on “A post to unknown

  1. Fuck off noob Joey the doggy who only know how to hide behind your computer and squeak like a mouse
    Anyway Chamby the bitch, your account so noob so stop showing off like one shameless slut

    • Sorry Carine, didn’t see your comment…
      Why don’t you drop by my blog one day and leave a comment?
      I’ll like to get to know you better 😀

  2. Hello Carine, her account noob so what?
    Must you give a big fuck about it? You call her a slut, keep it to yourself then. Go get and life instead of flaming around.

  3. It’s very easy to find out who the person is.
    IP Address. (:

    Anyways, so true. She’s also hiding behind the computer, barking. (:

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